Meet our Board

President: Ros Parker
President-Elect: Gavin Keeton
Treasurer: Mark Arendse
Club Service Projects: Patrick Pringle
Club Rotary Foundation (International and Youth): Helen McCallum
Club Membership: Ian Suttie
Club Public Image: Belinda Tudge 

President Ros Parker with Past President Ian Suttie

March 2019: Rotary Club of Grahamstown members with then President Ross Marriner and District Governor Gianna Doubell

Past Presidents

1949-1951 Harry Rushmere
1951-1952 Frank Edmonds
1952-1953 Frank White
1953-1954 Alan Selwyn Brown
1954-1955 Neil Hewitt
1955-1956 Denis Adams
1956-1957 Sid Kirkland
1957-1958 Roy Border
1958-1959 Lex Poole
1959-1960 Ben Wolpowitz
1960-1961 Geoff Palmer
1961-1962 Stanley Shuttleworth
1962-1963 Tom Mullins
1963-1964 Rex Butler
1964-1965 Charles Dacam
1965-1966 Reg Griffiths
1966-1967 Ron Kirby
1967-1968 Lyall Engels
1968-1969 Gillie Hutton
1969-1970 Tom O’Dea
1970-1971 Ken Oram
1971-1972 Denis Adams
1972-1973 Gerrit Fourie
1973-1974 Chris Price
1974-1975 Pat Going
1975-1976 Collie Colyvas
1976-1977 Mike Rautenbach
1977-1978 Bill Dare
1978-1979 Harold Almon
1979-1980 Brian la Trobe
1980-1981 Gideon Krige
1981-1982 Geoff Antrobus
1982-1983 Bill Handcock
1983-1984 Brian Allanson 
1984-1985 Mike Bandey 

1985-1986 Trevor Long
1986-1987 Martin Ellenberger
1987-1988 Paul Skelton
1988-1989 Richard Koch
1989-1990 Izak Smuts
1990-1991 Jon Pohl
1991-1992 Gavin Staude
1992-1993 John Inge
1993-1994 Lin Venters
1994-1995 Ray Logan
1995-1996 Brian Podesta
1996-1997 Bill Handcock
1997-1998 Billy de Klerk
1998-1999 Bill Mills
1999-2000 Glen Craig
2000-2001 Glenn Arthur
2001-2002 Vivian de Klerk
2002-2003 Brian Wilmot
2003-2004 Quintus Hahndiek
2004-2005 Les Reynolds
2005-2006 John Porter
2006-2007 Pete Andrew
2007-2008 Andrew Long
2008-2009 Harry Rama
2009-2010 Lynette Marais
2010-2011 Ian McJannet
2011-2012 Robin Palmer
2012-2013 Lydia Palmer
2013-2014 Les Roberts
2014-2015 Diana Palmer
2015-2016 Tony Palmer
2016-2017 Geoff Antrobus
2017/2018 Mike McCallum
2018/2019 Ross Marriner 
2019/2020 Ian Suttie

Paul Harris Fellows


Tom Mullins


Kyra Colyvas  
Jock West
Gideon Krige


Bill Handcock 
Mike Bandey
Trevor Long
Denise Long



Martin Ellenberger


Richard Koch


Stuart Armitage
John Inge


Johnny Pohl
Glen Craig


Geoff Antrobus
Izak Smuts


Thelma Henderson (D9320)


Billy De Klerk
Mary Allen
Bill Mills


Lynette Marais
James Hoyle

Derek Henderson
Millie Armitage
Gavin Staude


Bill Mills (SP1)


Bill Mills (SP2) (D5550)
Ian McJannet
Harry Rama
Glenn Arthur


Quintus Hahndiek
Brian Wilmot
Glen Craig (SP1)


Bill Mills (SP3)
John Inge (SP1)
Viv De Klerk
Coe Lita Finke


Les Reynolds
Geoff Antrobus (SP1)
Billy De Klerk (SP1)
 John Inge (SP2) (D9320)


Brian Gaybba 
Duncan Greaves
John Porter
Kit Mills


Lisa Morris
Bob Deacon
Andy Long
Richard Laing


Les Roberts
Bert Evans
Ammy Hahndiek


Robin Palmer
Pete Andrew
Bill Mills (SP5) (D5000)


Glenn Arthur
Eleanor Anderton
Lydia Palmer
Bev Wilson


Ian Suttie
Richard Laing (SP1)
Quintus Hahndiek (SP1)

Ian McJannet (SP1)
Quintus Hahndiek (SP2)
Bill Mills (SP6) - Ruby


Andy Long
Budgie Vasilliou
Tracy Arthur
Angela M Barberton


Sally Terry
Mike McCallum
Vanessa Dold
Gavin Keeton


Tony Palmer
Ismail Mahomed
Ros Parker
Madeleine Schoeman


Geoff Antrobus (SP2)


Budgie Vasilliou (SP1)
Ian McJannet (SP2)


Serelda Caiger
Paul Skelton


Ross Marriner

A Brief History of the Club

The charter of the Rotary Club of Grahamstown, No. 7370, was signed at Rotary International's Head Office in Evanston on 19 October 1949.

Our nearest Rotary Club at that time, Port Elizabeth (the 3rd oldest club in South Africa), became interested in forming a Club in Grahamstown in 1927. After conducting a survey they felt that the time was not ripe. A second survey was carried out jointly by the Rotary Clubs of Queenstown and Port Elizabeth in 1929 with the same results. After a lapse of eight years Port Elizabeth again considered the matter in early 1937 and again in 1940 - nothing eventuated and the whole question was shelved until after the war.

It was not until September 1948 that members of the Port Elizabeth Rotary Club again looked into the matter of forming a Grahamstown club. On 12 April 1949 Rotarians from Port Elizabeth held a meeting at the Farmer's Home Hotel in Grahamstown to discuss, with an invited audience, the formation of a Rotary Club in Grahamstown. At this meeting a provisional committee consisting of A.J. Lilford - acting chairman, Pat McGahey (secretary) and Messrs Rushmere, Advocate van der Riet and Frank White was formed with the task of enrolling sufficient members (min. 25) to form a provisional Rotary Club.

The first luncheon meeting of this Provisional Club was held at the Goodwood Hotel on Monday, 12 September 1949 with twenty members present.

On Saturday 10 December 1949 the Rotary Club of PE organised and sponsored a special Charter Dinner at the Grand Hotel in Grahamstown. The dinner was chaired by the Vice-President of the PE Club - Rotarian B.K. Anderson on behalf of their President Rtn Dimbleby. Over fifty Rotarians with their guests were present and the visiting Rotarians had come from Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage, East London, Roodepoort and Durban.

Our Charter - Number 7370 - was handed to our first Club President Harry Rushmere by the Representative of RI, District Governor, Glenn Buchanan.

Charter Members of the Grahamstown Rotary Club were: W.G. Alder; T.B. Bowker (MP); Alan Selwyn-Brown; Rex Butler; Ken Davis; Cyril Dicks; R.H. Duncan; the Revd. Frank Edmonds; Hugh Grocott; Neil Hewitt; W.G. La Grange; A.J. Lilford; Pat McGahey; Clifford Miles; John Neville; W. Ross-Nunn; Billy Powell; Mike Rautenbach; Harry Rushmere; Athol Stirk; Bobby van der Riet; and Frank White.

In 1985 the Grahamstown Rotary Club sponsored the establishment of the Port Alfred Rotary Club and in 1997 PP Izak Smuts of the Grahamstown Club was given the go-ahead to establish if it was feasible to charter a second Rotary Club in Grahamstown. On 1st June 1999 the Grahamstown Sunset Rotary Club received its charter with an initial membership of 32 members. They have proved to be a vibrant addition to the Rotary family in District 9370.

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